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At D Custom, I spent a lot of time making sure that our custom publishing and content marketing agency was well-supplied with, well, content! That was my job as the leader of our marketing department, where I worked directly with the president of the agency to build the brand, showcase our expertise, and generate opportunities for new business.

I wore a lot of hats in this role, drawing from my expertise in strategy, editorial, web development, video production, demand generation, public relations, and more to make things happen with limited resources. In addition to putting all of that to work for D Custom, I was often asked to contribute to client work as a strategist and editor.


The best part about my time at D Custom was that I got to experiment with different tactics and see what worked best. I was constantly encouraged and supported to try new things, and if something didn’t go as planned? I just pivoted to the next idea. That’s an experience that has served me as a marketer ever since, because in our fast-moving industry, we no longer have time to fail slowly!



Here’s just a few of the things I did at D Custom:

  • I worked alongside the president of the agency to build the marketing strategy from scratch
  • I strategized and planned the editorial calendar, with a regular cadence of articles
  • I managed contributing writers and helped develop subject matter expert content
  • I wrote and produced content for an asset library, such as white papers, infographics, case studies, and more 
  • I developed the brand voice and tone, as well as speaking into the look and feel of our online presence
  • I managed agency social media, and eventually partnered with a junior social media specialist on the strategy
  • I handled agency public relations, as well as supporting a client with visibility and PR outreach
  • I acted as a strategist on multiple client accounts, developing content strategy programs in our agency framework
  • I experimented with out-of-the-box content like a video mailer, a fake commercial, and photorealistic infographics
  • I launched a custom publication for our agency as the managing editor, winning a top honor from the APEX Awards

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