These are some of the tools, sites, and apps I am using and enjoying at the moment. This list could change any time, and it’s all my own recommendations — nobody’s sponsoring me to spread the love!

Apps + Sites

These are some of the tools, sites, and apps I am using and enjoying at the moment. This list could change any time, and it’s all my own recommendations — nobody’s sponsoring me to spread the love!

Notion is half of my brain. It’s the most flexible tool I think I’ve ever used. it can house notes, dashboards, databases…the applications seem almost infinite.

Evernote is the other half of my brarin. I’ve been using it for so long that I’m really not sure what I could do without it. Paired with Notion, it runs my life.

I am more than proficient in Photoshop and Illustrator, but Canva is just so easy to use when it comes to quick graphics! I especially love it for social content.

I absolutely can’t do without this amazing writing tool. Whether you’re writing fiction, academic works, blogs, or marketing copy, Scrivener molds to how you work.

RemNote is another new notetaking tool that skews more academic in nature, with spaced repetition, backlinking, and more. I’m using it for a few classes.

On my Mac and iOS devices, Drafts is CLUTCH. (I only wish it had a web or Windows version for my desktop!) It’s the easiest way for me to jot things down.

This is one of the most used tools in my writing arsenal. When I can’t find just the right word (for whatever reason), OneLook has my back. A writer’s dream!

If you’re a life-long learner like I am, Coursera is your catnip. You can audit a huge catalog of legit college classes for free, do paid certifications, and more.

Airr is an amazing new podcast tool that I’m trying out. The whole point is that it lets you highlight podcast quotes + clips as you listen to keep or share on social.

Medium is a treasure trove of people sharing their experiences and ideas. I love that it’s an open publishing platform and visibility engine for writers.

I’ve been reading Copyhackers for years, and they always have a great learning tidbit or tool to rec (like their own Airstory!). Their archives are a must-read.​

Substack is equal parts publication and newsletter tool. It’s a great way to reach your audience — and keep them. Many lists I’m on are using Substack now.

Media + Books

These are some of the articles, videos, books, and podcasts I’ve consumed in the last six months and really enjoyed. My interests vary widely, so this list may vary pretty widely as well!

Who of us hasn’t felt impostor syndrome rear its ugly head? It’s so much more common than you think. This TED Talk by Elizabeth Cox discusses how to combat it.

Notion is one of my favorite apps du jour, and some of the rockstars out there are using it in ways that blow my mind. This tour of Marie Poulin’s setup is amazing.

Dorothy Parker is one of my favorite American writers, and the journey of her ashes to their final resting spot is a strange postscript to her unique life.

I first read The Handmaid’s Tale as a young woman, in complete disbelief that society could ever go so far. I re-read it after a lot of life and ahead of Atwood’s sequel, The Testaments. Even better, but more chilling the second time around.

Michelle McNamara’s posthumously published book is a riveting tale of true crime investigation and what it’s like to be consumed by a mystery. I love that her work ultimately led to the killer being caught and brought to justice.

The story of Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes felt too good to be true from the very beginning, but I was shocked at how crazy it truly was in the end. Carreyrou is a master of investigative journalism and this book had me hooked from the start.

Karina Longworth’s podcast about Old Hollywood stories is right up my alley. I’ve always loved the movies and stars of the Golden Age and she has hundreds of episodes that dish up all the dirt.

Last Seen covers the equally fascinating and frustrating story of how Boston’s Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum became the site of the largest unsolved art heist in history.

Sometimes I just really need a good laugh. Bim and Nichole have never once let me down with their hilariously frank discussions of the famous men they fancy. They feel like my friends.


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