Editorial Services for Writers



Need a fresh set of eyes before you publish your latest book? Hire me to proofread your work before you hit send and let me help you to ensure a trouble-free experience for your readers on launch day and beyond. Proofreading services start at $1 a page with rush fees available.

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Line Editing

Having trouble making your manuscript sound just right? Go deeper than your basic proofread with a line edit that lets me help polish your draft until it shines, including grammar, usage, and high-level critique on plot, character, etc. Line editing services start at $2 a page with rush fees available.

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Content Editing

Plot not packing any punch? Characters driving you crazy? I'll read through your manuscript and give you detailed notes that will help you patch up your problem areas. Contact me today to get on my calendar for content editing services starting at just $1 per page.

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My favorite part of being an editor

Editing always sounded really exciting to me when I was a kid. For the most part, I was wrong on the details, but I got one critical thing right about the job. I get to read books.

Jessica Fritsche

  • @dougom Oh, and to be clear, it was a stage production, not a TV show :-)
    about 1 month ago